EOS-M A Possible Solution to One of my Biggest Complaints

I just may have found a solution to one of my biggest complaints about the Canon EOS-M Camera and I found it by accident! In my couple of posts on the camera I indicated that not having the ability to hook up a wired remote or intervalometer for time lapse drove me crazy! I would like to use this little camera for some time-lapse stuff as well as some long exposure photography! The camera can use a remote but it has to be an IR remote and can’t be wired one or the camera can’t be tethered or controlled via USB.

I had searched the web and had found something called the MultiCamIR Controller which is difficult to find because there is a camouflage pattern called MultiCam! I did find it on Ebay and that may be something that I look into down the road. It is not too bad price wise (around 75.00 CAN) but like I said I was going to wait a bit to get one.

With Aurora Borealis activity starting to pick up here, I was searching eBay for another wired Intervalometer for my cameras. I always like to have a couple of spares and I have been happy with the 15.00 ones I have been finding on eBay. While searching I happened upon an item that might help me with my EOS-M complaint.

I found these items $T2eC16N,!)QE9s3HD)sTBS!syg40uw~~60_12that are IR Emitters that plug into the headset jack of a smartphone or tablet (Android or Apple) and you use an app to control the IR transmission. I only found one seller and they are located in Spain. The cost? 13.50 US + 1.00 for shipping. I already had one of the Android apps recommended (DSLR Remote Free) installed on both my phone and my Nexus 7. I have ordered one to try, but if it works I will likely have a couple more for backups.

The only thing I was thinking about was how would I mount my phone or my tablet so that it wouldn’t get in the way. I figured I would try a short mini plug audio extension cable! The seller has confirmed that any audio extension cable should work.

Hopefully if this device works as advertised I should be able to control my EOS-M for time-lapse and also to be able to do some extended HDR bracketing (5 exposures with 1 stop between each) with the little camera as DSLR Controller supports that!

I should get my order in 2-3 weeks so as soon as it shows up I will test and post about my results. If it works as advertised I have one less thing on my list of knocks against the camera.

If you are interested in trying one of these out you can find them on at this link.

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