EOS-M A Possible Solution to One of my Biggest Complaints

I just may have found a solution to one of my biggest complaints about the Canon EOS-M Camera and I found it by accident! In my couple of posts on the camera I indicated that not having the ability to hook up a wired remote or intervalometer for time lapse drove me crazy! I would like to use this little camera for some time-lapse stuff as well as some long exposure photography! The camera can use a remote but it has to be an IR remote and can’t be wired one or the camera can’t be tethered or controlled via USB.

I had searched the web and had found something called the MultiCamIR Controller which is difficult to find because there is a camouflage pattern called MultiCam! I did find it on Ebay and that may be something that I look into down the road. It is not too bad price wise (around 75.00 CAN) but like I said I was going to wait a bit to get one.

With Aurora Borealis activity starting to pick up here, I was searching eBay for another wired Intervalometer for my cameras. I always like to have a couple of spares and I have been happy with the 15.00 ones I have been finding on eBay. While searching I happened upon an item that might help me with my EOS-M complaint.

I found these items $T2eC16N,!)QE9s3HD)sTBS!syg40uw~~60_12that are IR Emitters that plug into the headset jack of a smartphone or tablet (Android or Apple) and you use an app to control the IR transmission. I only found one seller and they are located in Spain. The cost? 13.50 US + 1.00 for shipping. I already had one of the Android apps recommended (DSLR Remote Free) installed on both my phone and my Nexus 7. I have ordered one to try, but if it works I will likely have a couple more for backups.

The only thing I was thinking about was how would I mount my phone or my tablet so that it wouldn’t get in the way. I figured I would try a short mini plug audio extension cable! The seller has confirmed that any audio extension cable should work.

Hopefully if this device works as advertised I should be able to control my EOS-M for time-lapse and also to be able to do some extended HDR bracketing (5 exposures with 1 stop between each) with the little camera as DSLR Controller supports that!

I should get my order in 2-3 weeks so as soon as it shows up I will test and post about my results. If it works as advertised I have one less thing on my list of knocks against the camera.

If you are interested in trying one of these out you can find them on at this link.

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7 Responses to EOS-M A Possible Solution to One of my Biggest Complaints

  1. aqq says:

    did it work? I neeeeeed to know that 😉

    • Stephen says:

      Sorry for the delay in answering. Unfortunately the dongle did not show up before I left on my trip! I was really hoping to have it here to test it. I am assuming it will be sitting at home for me. As soon as I test I will advise!

    • Stephen says:

      So I got home today and the Ir dongle was in my mailbox. Ran a quick test with my iPhone and the app DSLR.Bot and everything worked fine in controlling the EOS-M. I still want to test with an audio extension cable and the Android apps but like I said there was no issue triggering the camera remotely and using it as a timer remote. I ordered two more to have some spares. While I need more testing so far I see a lot of promise with this and it will solve one of my problems. One little thing that is kind of a pain at least with the 4.99 IOS app is that it offers scripting for time lapse but it looks to be a difficult and tedious scripting procedure. I believe I read the android app had better bulb ramping support. This solution should work with any Canon SLR that can use an Infra Red remote as well. Once I am done testing I will write a complete review an post it. But first looks are very promising.

      • aqq says:

        cool! that’s good news buddy. I ordered mine too and it is in the mail. I was planning to use it ultimately as you, with audio extension cable (not sure about max length it can support) and the DSLR Remote app on android for controlling the EOS-M. keeping my hopes up now and good luck with yours 😀

  2. James Richards says:

    Hi there. I’m spamming the boards for the EOS M as I basically found a way round the IR remote issue and was able to trip my shutter using a wired remote. It works so long as you don’t mind using Magic Lantern and I have yet to find anyone else who has done this.

    Hope you don’t mind and feel free to delete this comment if you think it isn’t warranted.

    More details…


  3. Jay says:

    I am assuming you have not heard of or aware of MagicLantern firmware add-on (which now supports EOS-M), which can do most of the things you are trying to do.

    • Stephen says:

      Actually I have been using Tragic Lantern on there for about 7 months. Love it… Except it doesn’t add a wired remote of any sort. Would love to be able to control this with USB and my Cam Ranger or Case Remote..

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