EOS-M3 Review Coming Soon

So I ordered a Canon EOS-M3 and electronic viewfinder while I was away on holidays. It arrived at my home the same day I got back! I have had a chance to play with it a little bit, but have really been too busy with some projects over the last little while to put together my hands on review.

Here’s a hint though! I like it, it really like it and think it is almost there!

This is what I came home to!

Canon EOS-M3 kit
Canon EOS-M3 and viewfinder kit

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2 Responses to EOS-M3 Review Coming Soon

  1. Alice McPherson says:

    Hey 🙂 Do you know if there’s any way to get the Canon M3 to do timelapse photography? thanks, Alice

    • Stephen says:

      Sorry for the delayed response. Unless you use an Infared remote system (triggered via a phone) then no there is no timelapse options for the Eos-M3

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