One to One Instruction

One to One Instruction

I love photography! I have always loved teaching as well! What better way to help others than to offer one to one photography instruction!

Whether you are wondering what you should buy in regards to a new camera, how to use that new DSLR you just got or just some of the basic or more advanced techniques of photography I can help. We can teach you about all of the functions on that new camera and how to use it to get the best photographs you can.

I can tailor the your lesson to exactly what you want. Whether it is a few hours shooting out in the field learning techniques or in your home learning about post processing, digital asset management and back up solutions, processing workflow or just getting the most out of using your camera. I can also cover off camera flash photography, portrait work or even how to shoot specific subjects like Google Photo Spheres and 360 Panoramas, astrophotography or the Aurora Borealis.

Lessons can be as short as one hour or a full day of instruction. These are tailored to what you want to learn and how to get the most out of your photography.

One on One Sports Photography Instruction – Want to learn how to get the best photos of your athlete? I offer one on one instruction on sports photography. This type of workshop can cover any sport. Prior to the competition I will send you a list of suggested equipment, find out what you have and what would be best for you to bring to shoot the competition. With enough notice I will also suggest equipment you may want to rent prior to the event. We start at least an hour before the competition and go over your equipment, camera settings you can use and tips to capture the best action. Then we review the venue and find suitable locations to shoot the action. When the competition starts I am right beside you capturing the action, reviewing your photos offering feedback advice and answering any questions you may have. After the competition we do a quick review and post processing suggestions are given. Once you have processed your images I will do a critique of some of your images. We do have some lenses that we can lend Canon shooters to try as well. Prices vary depending on the length of the competition. Contact us for full details.

One to One Speed light Instruction – A lot of photographers are afraid to use flash to capture family portraits. As a result you hear a lot of photographers say that they are natural light photographers. I agree, nothing is worse than a photo taken with a flash flattening facial features and creating all kinds of problems. We are available to teach you that using speed lights, especially off camera is really not that hard or expensive to do. This workshop can be done privately in your home. We will supply all the equipment to show you just how easy flash (and even manual flash) is to use. With this workshop we will work with manual, inexpensive speed lights that work with virtually any camera system as well as a variet of light modifiers. We can help you learn the principals of speed light photography from what to do if you must use on camera flash to how to get the flash off camera and try to make the image look like it was taken with out flash. We go over flash settings, camera settings, the use of gels and different light modifiers from soft boxes to some more extravagant modifiers. We can also supply you with a list of a good equipment to use as a starter kit. If you don’t have someone that is willing to model in your own home we can also supply a model for an additional fee. The workshop runs 2 to 3 hours and can be done in your own home. After the workshop you will be comfortable using speed lights to improve your own portrait photography!

Please contact me here if you would like to inquire or book a lesson for yourself or a loved one.


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