Looking for Lighting Gear, Check Out StrobePro.com

About a year and half ago I was searching for some light modifiers via Google and came across a website and store that I had never heard of called Stobepro.com. I looked at the site and was pleasantly surprised to see that they were based in Calgary, AB. Not only did they have the modifier I was looking for, but looking through the site I found all kinds of gear that I had been searching at really, really good prices!

A year and a half later I am still a very satisfied StrobePro customer (in fact I just came back from there).

Not only do they sell light modifiers, but they have a full range of strobes, continuous lighting, all kinds of light stands and other camera accessories.

Since discovering the site, this is the first place I go to if I am looking for something in particular. They just recently updated their website to cover all of the products that are available and they have all of the products set up in their show room.

Here is just a listing of a few products that they sell that I use continuously:

3228x8_with_monopod_large60” Octabox
Triopo Travel Tripod and ball head (this is a great deal)
13’ Rotatable Boom Kit
27” Beauty Dish
Reflector Arm Holder
5×7 Collapsible Backdrop
60” Large Transparent Umbrella

I have been able to use all of the modifiers I have with my Elinchrom strobes as almost everything they sell comes with changeable speedrings.

Their line up of accessories doesn’t just stop at studio stobes and accessories, they also sell Yongnuo Speedlights for Canon and Nikon with a fairly large selection of modifiers and off camera flash triggers. These speedlights are a great way to start getting into flash photography and really learning about the light. They offer both manual and TTL versions of the flashes at way less than half the cost of the manufacturer’s own flashes. Learning with manual flash is probably the best way to learn flash photography and off camera flash photography. With the price of these speedlights, a photographer can get 2 speedlights, some radio triggers, a couple light stands and modifiers all for about the same price as 1 Canon 600 EX RT!


The quality of the products I have purchased have all been excellent and the price just can’t be beat!150cm_60in_strobepro_folding_octabox_front_4794da3d-ed2c-4839-84aa-65f9cd78e559_large

So if you are looking at getting into studio or speed lighting, whether just starting out or adding to your existing kit, be sure to check out StrobePro’s site before buying elsewhere! Have a question? Jesse is more than willing to help you and answer any questions you may have about their products.

Be sure to check them out here at strobepro.com

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