3 Responses to Workflow Change! Photo Mechanic 5

  1. BobS says:

    Nice post. Just came across it as I’m moving from Aperture to Lightroom 5. Quick question. You mention that you Ingest from previously imported into Lightroom, presumably to modify modify metadata, keywords and / or file names. Did the Catalogue in Lightroom keep track of these changes? Thanks

    • Stephen says:

      Thanks for the comment Bob! So like I said, I ingest from my memory card to my system. Make selections with flags and colors and apply my basic metadata. Once the images are ready I go into Lightroom and do an import. Yes Lightroom does pick up all of the changes because Photo Mechanic writes to xmp files and I have Lightroom set-up to also create xmp files. IF I use Photo Mechanic to make changes to a folder of images that I have already imported into Lightroom, once I am done I go into Lightroom, right click on the folder and scan for changes. Once done this will pick up any changes from photo mechanic. If I am renaming files I usually do that before I import into Lightroom in PM or I do it on export using Lightroom. THe Lightroom catalogue does not automatically track changes though. But if you remember to sync the folder it will be picked up. You will see a warning on the files in Lightroom that the metadata has changed and do you want to pick it up from the disk.

  2. Molly says:

    Thank you so much for this article! The question that BobS asked was exactly what I needed to know, and this was so helpful!

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