Quick Tip – Electronic Camera Manuals

Just a quick tip for my readers here. When I get a new piece of gear I usually familiarize myself with it as much as possible before trying to use it on a shoot. But occasionally I may have to refer to the manual to look up something. Virtually every manufacturer puts out a PDF version of their products manual now a days so I download these and put them on every device I may have with me in the field in case I need them for a reference.

I usually use Dropbox for this purpose as it is installed on my PC and I just save the files in a folder under my Dropbox called manuals. I have the Dropbox app installed on each of my devices (mobile phones, media players and tablets) and download the manuals to the device. Using Dropbox is usually a little easier for dong this as I just have to download and save the PDF  file once to my folder. I don’t have to worry about uploading it to another site as it is synced to the cloud automatically. You could use other cloud storage services and some even offer the same functionality. I even copy the PDF to my older Sony E-Reader in case that is the device I have with me.

If you don’t yet have a Dropbox account follow the sign up using the link below and both you and I will get an additional 500 Mb of free space.


Other services you can also use include:

Pogoplug, Using this link gets you 7GB instead of the regular 5 GB of space

Another service I like is Sugarsync. The link below also gets you an additional 500Mb of Cloud Storage.


One of the other benefits of these services is that their Smartphone and Tablet apps can also be used to backup your devices’ photos automatically to your cloud storage. Pick one or use all three as I feel you can never have enough free online storage!

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